Meet the Ingredients: Vegan Maki Edition

Vegan Maki Platter

Sushi, much like art, has the ability to introduce us to the most unique combinations of textures and flavors. Traditionally, this Japanese cuisine contains either fish or seafood. However, when creativity comes into play, plant-based innovations come to the surface and vegan creations that are filled with taste, purity, and a whole lot of freshness are born.

As ongoing enthusiasts of sustainability and seafood innovation, we've spent over twenty years crafting a menu that celebrates and accommodates a variety of flavors, lifestyle choices, and dietary restrictions. Venture into the world of colorful vegan maki with us as we break down the basics, the classics, a few signature favorites, and some newbies that we're welcoming to the party.

The Basics

  • Sushi rice and seaweed, the heart and soul that binds every roll. The seaweed serves as the outer layer of wrapping to each roll, where the rice's sticky texture holds it all together. If seaweed give you the heebie jeebies, check out our rolls wrapped in a soy paper alternative, or ask your server about upgrading to make your roll Naruto style (wrapped in cucumber).
  • Now let's talk fillings, where the true creativity of vegan sushi really shines. Instead of traditional fish and seafood, our vegan menu features an array of layered ingredients. Ranging from veggies, fruits, cheeses, herbs, grains, and even seafood alternatives that are entirely plant-based.
  • To add a few extra bursts of flavor, our rolls contain a variety of additional toppings and garnishes as well. From veggies like cucumber and sundried tomatoes, to sweet and spicy sauces such as agave mustard and sriracha, and fragrant herbs like Thai basil, mint, or caviart - a plant-based alternative to caviar that is rich in vitamins and minerals - these added ingredients enhance the taste, appearance, and overall mouthwatering finish of our vegan rolls.

Now that we’ve covered our bases, let’s roll into the good stuff! From seafood-inspired alternatives, tempura delights, twists on classic favorites, to pure veggie rolls, our menu has something for every vegetarian, flexitarian, adventurous eater, or vegan purist to enjoy.

A Few Signature Favorites

  • The perfect example of how less can be more when it comes to vegan sushi. Filled with red pepper, avocado, cucumber, and vegan cream cheese, it’s perfect for those seeking a simple indulgence.
Shiitake To Me
  • Where are our mushroom lovers at? Featuring a blend of shiitake mushrooms and sweet potato vegan tempura, sprinkles of Thai basil, and drizzled in truffle oil (we can't be the only ones drooling right now...) and sweet soy sauce, the Shiitake To Me adds the perfect touch of earthy richness and decadence to your day.
Green Goddess
  • Like a true friend, the Green Goddess has never let us down, offering loads of veggie goodness with just a hint of spice. Filled with spicy plant-based tuna and accompanied by creamy avocado, cucumber, and topped with black tobiko caviart, it’s like a party in your mouth, and everyone's invited!

Creative Twists

  • We're adding a twist to this timeless sandwich and giving it a sushi-inspired makeover with our VLT roll. Packed with bibb lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato, and avocado all wrapped in smoked tomato paper, this roll offers a guilt-free indulgence without compromising on flavor.
  • Much like the wild west, these bold flavors and hearty textures will take you on a ride. Crisp pickle vegan tempura and sriracha-fried onion rings provide a tangy crunch as the BBQ paper adds a zesty kick, and the creamy vegan mayo and tonkatsu sauces compliment each bite, wrangling your tastebuds.
  • Stroll through a garden of flavors with this playful creation, featuring crisp sweet potato vegan tempura, charred asparagus straight from the grill, edamame hummus, and a burst of sundried tomatoes, all snugly wrapped in soy paper and nourishing brown rice. A finishing drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkles of Maldon sea salt sends this roll to heavenly heights, nodding back to the timeless tale of temptation and bliss.
Thai Hippie
  • Take your tastebuds on a funky spin with this spring-roll-turned-sushi-roll. Tofu vegan tempera offers a fulfilling crunch while the avocado, cucumber, carrot, and cashew create a blend of eclectic textures. Garnished by a bouquet of Thai basil, cilantro, mint, and red onion, it’s vibrant and sure to make you groove.

New to the Mix

Spicy Kaluna Crunch
  • We’re bringing the heat in this new veggie roll featuring plant-based tuna, vegan spicy aioli, and a melody of fresh cucumber, creamy avocado, crispy quinoa, all topped with scallion and black tobiko cavaiart. Just trust us on this one.
Bito Maki
  • Why limit yourself to just one new favorite when you can double down with our Bito Maki roll. Don’t let its simplicity fool you, this roll packs a punch of flavor that you won’t want to miss. Sweetness of the roasted beets and vegan cream cheese are perfectly paired with the satisfying crunch of almonds, pops of Thai basil, hints of citrus, and topped off with a drizzle of sweet agave mustard. One bite and you’ll be hooked.

Each of our rolls is a little celebration of creativity and flavor. But it’s not just about taste, it’s about love for our planet and the joy of exploring inventive and sustainable ways to help make our Earth a little greener. Whether you’re a dedicated vegan, eager to try something new, or simply seeking a lighter, veggie-forward option, we invite you to journey through our vegan maki menu varieties and explore the vibrant flavorings packed within!

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Meet the Ingredients: Vegan Maki Edition

Venture into the world of colorful vegan maki with us as we break down the basics, the classics, a few signature favorites, and some newbies that we're welcoming to the party.

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