12 reasons to work at Blue

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Besides the obvious and delicious employee discount you're crossing your fingers for, here are 12 reasons working for Blue Sushi Sake Grill is totally awesome:

1. We care about our team as if you're family, and our culture reflects that.

2. You have restaurant experience or are willing and eager to learn.

3. We have an exciting and fast-paced work environment where you’ll thrive.

4. That server life and cash money, though.

5. We’re an industry leader in the ever evolving food movement.

6. There's plenty of opportunity for advancement. We have big plans to open restaurants in new markets each year, which presents many opportunities for internal advancement.

7. You’re a positive, friendly, and enthusiastic team player.

8. You’re hungry for more in life. And more comes with a side of sushi.

9. Customer service is like second nature to you.

10. Working hard gives you a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

11. You’re personable and have a passion for helping people.

12. Life is short. Work somewhere awesome.

Ready to work with us?

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12 reasons to work at Blue

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