Honoring the Planet this International Sushi Day

International Sushi Day is here, and we’re raising our chopsticks for a celebration that’s as tasty as it is sustainable! This year, we’re putting the spotlight on our Conscious Earth program and valued partnership with Acme Smoked Fish. Dive in and discover how your sushi cravings can support ocean conservation and sustainable practices!

Our Commitment to the Planet

Our Conscious Earth Program is a growing passion project of ours. It's our love letter to the ocean, ensuring that the seafood we serve is as responsibly sourced as it is mouth-wateringly delicious. By teaming up with like minded organizations like Acme Smoked Fish, we’re making sure every bite you take supports sustainable fishing practices and helps protect marine ecosystems.

Meet Our Partner: Acme Smoked Fish

Acme Smoked Fish has been a family run business since 1954, renowned for crafting the finest smoked fish with an unmatched artisanal touch and innovative spirit. Their commitment to sustainability makes them our ideal partner, and with partnerships like these by our side, we’re able to deliver sushi that can taste amazing while also making you feel good about supporting eco-friendly practices.

The Many Flavors of Sustainability

To celebrate International Sushi Day, here’s a look at some favorite menu items featuring Acme Smoked Fish:

Everything Smoked Salmon Nigiri: A unique twist on traditional flavors, topped with Acme's premium smoked salmon.

Philadelphia Roll: Cream cheese, fresh cucumber, and Acme’s smoked salmon. Rich, savory, and a timeless classic.

Hot Popper Roll: A spicy, flavorful roll with jalapeño and smoked salmon, bringing a fiery kick to your plate.

Amazon Roll: A flavor packed roll that pairs perfectly with Acme’s rich, smoky salmon. Amazonian adventure, meet sushi roll.

Kunsei Sake Nigiri & Sashimi: Simple and elegant, showing the pure, unadulterated flavors of Acme’s smoked salmon. Sometimes less is more!

Celebrate With Us! Conscious Earth Style

By choosing to dine with us, you're making a positive impact on our planet. So go ahead, pat yourself on the back and then use that hand to grab another piece of sushi!

Curious to learn more about our Conscious Earth program? Take a deep dive into our sustainable seafood journey.

Can’t make it into one of our locations? No problem! Enjoy our sustainable sushi from the comfort of your home by ordering online.

Join our Sushi Club and cheers to sustainable dining and a happier planet!

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Honoring the Planet this International Sushi Day

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