Vegan dish.

Vegan dish.

Contains raw seafood, shellfish, beef or egg.

Item contains raw seafood, shellfish, beef or egg. Consuming raw or undercooked meat & seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Eco-certified food.

This seafood carries an eco-certifcation and is either fished or farmed in a manner that has minimal or no effect on the ocean’s ecosystems.

Gluten Sensitive food.

Gluten-free available upon request.

Kids Menu

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Little Bento Box
choice of maki roll, all natural chicken tenders, shrimp tempura, crispy sweet tofu or pan seared salmon, served with edamame, choice of starch & fruit
maki roll choices:

california roll, crunchy kido, avocado, sake, cowgirl roll, shrimp tempura maki, tekka maki

starch choices:

french fries, white sticky rice, brown sticky rice, sesame noodles

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