Sake Tuesday

A lineup of various alcohol bottles, including sake bottles, showcasing a diverse range of choices. Cheers! 🍾🥃🍷

We're having a heyday for sake! Join us for 50% off Premium Cold Sake bottles every Tuesday, all day. Consider this your official invitation to discover and celebrate premium cold sake.

At Blue Sushi, our bottled sake collection reflects some of the best domestic and international sake brewing in the world at an unbelievable value. Tuesday's offer a great opportunity for guests to try new sake and enjoy old favorites for half the cost.

Fun Facts:

Takatenjin Sword of the Sun Honjozo (dry & crisp, notes of juniper and cucumber)

Did you know they call Takatenjin Sword of the Sun the true 'Gin Lovers Sake?' This is due to its dry nature and refreshing botanical notes. Located on the sunny foothills of Mt. Fuji, this brewery is operated by solar power and is known for its sustainability practices.

Shichi Hon Yari Seven Spearsmen (dry & rich, notes of mushroom & earth, melon, grapefruit)

This compelling sake is made by hand by the 16th generation of brewers at Tomita Brewery, making it the 3rd oldest sake brewery in Japan. It is named 'Seven Spearsmen' after the leaders of the historic Battle of Shizugatake which was fought just outside their town of Kinomoto.

Yuki No Bosha Cabin in the Snow (dry & crisp, notes of mango, strawberry, white pepper)

Yuki No Bosha is produced in the Akita prefecture where long cold winters and plenty of snow keep the air pristinely chilled for ginjo fermentations. It comes from one of the most awarded sake breweries in Japan and is perhaps one of the most beautiful sakes you will ever try.

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Sake Tuesday

We're having a heyday for sake! Join us for 50% off Premium Cold Sake bottles every Tuesday, all day.